MOBTz 2022

A Zoom Conference
Saturday April 09, 2022

MOBTz 2022

36th Annual Mid-Atlantic Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference

The theme of the conference is:
“Actualizing DEI in Class: The Opportunity to Make it Happen.”


The conference will be held on Saturday, April 9th and will run from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. The conference will be hosted by Joan Weiner of Drexel University and Steve Meisel of La Salle University. We will offer concurrent sessions throughout the day. You will be able to pop in and out of sessions as you like. We expect to share new experiential exercises and some interesting discussions on teaching DEI topics.

More on the theme…
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are important parts of management education.   The presence of difference and the process of fairness have been part of our curriculum for a long time, but our students from undergraduate to doctoral level now expect DEI topics and sensibility in their courses. Our challenge is to design new ways of teaching experientially to support those goals.


MOBTz 2022 will focus on how we actualize DEI in our classes. What learning can we re-engineer? What are some new activities that have come out of your thinking on DEI? What works in all the modalities we now teach? What are the ideas and media that produce effective DEI learning?


As always, MOBTC’s emphasis is on “hands-on” learning. The program has innovative experiential exercises as well as a timely discussion of our experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

You can pay the $10 MOBTz registration fee with a credit card using our Square Point of Sale app. Simply click on the “Pay Here” button below, enter the information, and ask for an email receipt.  We will continue our practice of donating the full amount of the fee to Philabundance - a local food pantry.

It is another way of doing well by doing good! We hope you agree.


Thanks for your registration for MOBTz.
See you on April 09, 2022.


Paper Format

Guidelines for Submissions of Proposal

Your 1-page proposal (2-3 pages) should state 1) what you will do, 2) how you will do it, 3) how much time you will need.   The hallmark of MOBTz is “hands-on” learning. Presentations should be a demonstration for class use rather than a description of what was done.  Please plan for the active involvement of session participants.  Proposals should be original or an innovative redesign of existing work.



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